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Welcome to the Learning Collaborative. This learning centre is intended to be a gathering place where users share the latest knowledge and evidence to catalyze innovation, sustain the HIV response and end AIDS for every child by 2020.

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Document Download Description Year
For Every Child, End AIDS: Seventh Stocktaking Report For Every Child, End AIDS-Seventh Stocktaking Report-2016.pdf 2016
Point of Care - HIV Diagnosis: Bringing Faster Results for Each and More Effective Treatment POC Bringing Faster Results.pdf

Accelerating Access and Integration of Innovative Point of Care Diagnostics for HIV in National Diagnostics Programmes

Intervention mondiale 2017-2021 de l'UNICEF contre le VIH unicef_HIV_brochure_French_Final.pdf 2017
Fiche d'information: 2017 Les enfants et le sida unicef_FactSheet_French_Final.pdf 2017
Fact Sheet: 2017 Children and AIDS unicef_FactSheet_English_Final.pdf 2017
BRIEF: UNICEF's Global HIV Response unicef_HIV_brochure_English_Final.pdf 2017
Cover Philippines_adolescents-HIV-flyer_2015.pdf 2015
Cover Indonesia_LOLIPOP-e-poster_2016.PDF

Reaching unreachable population: multi-collaboration framework to improve young key population access towards HIV-related services in demonstration site of Bandung, Indonesia.

Report cover Count_Me_In.pdf

A documentation of case studies from Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam on Young Key Population involvement in the Global Fund processes

Image of Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly HIV Services in PEPFAR-Supported Countries Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly HIV Services in PEPFAR-Supported Countries (2017) 2017
Image of EMTCT in the Americas report EMTCT in the Americas Update (2016) 2016
Report cover UNICEF Vision to address the global HIV epidemic (2017)

UNICEF has long been at the heart of global efforts to put the HIV epidemic into an irreversible and rapid retreat.

Report cover All In Progress Report (Dec. 2016)

The purpose of the report is to showcase the significant contributions of many partners to research, innovations, community mobilization, programmes and policy actions aimed at ending the AIDS epid

Image of Paediatric HIV Treatment Facility Readiness Assessment Tool Checklist for Excellence in Paediatric HIV Care 2016
Combination Social Protection Lowers Unprotected Sex in HIV+ Adolescents (2016) Social Protection Policy Brief 6 (2016)

This is the last policy brief in a series of 6 policy briefs that address social protection & adolescents.

Image for Ending the AIDS Epidemic for Adolescents, with Adolescents Ending the AIDS epidemic for adolescents: Guidance document (2016)

A practical guide to meaningfully engage adolescents in the AIDS response.

CHAI Simple Tool for ARV Forecasting CHAI Adult 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016) , CHAI Paediatric 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016) , CHAI ARV Forecasting Tool User Manual (2016) , CHAI Adult 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Template) (2016) , CHAI Paediatric 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016)

This helps individuals forecast adult and/or pediatric ARV in treatment programs and manage demand on a clinic level.

Image of Basics Paediatric HIV Toolkit BASICS Paediatric HIV Toolkit

BASICS (Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival) is a global project to assist developing countries in reducing infant and child mortality through the implementation of proven health in

Image of Uganda PMTCT Tools Uganda MOH Pre-ART Register , Uganda MOH Integrated Maternity Register , Uganda MOH HIV Quarterly Monitoring Reporting Form , Uganda MOH HIV Counselling , Uganda MOH ART Register 2016
Image of Uganda PMTCT Tools Uganda MOH Linkages and Referral Form , Uganda MOH HCT Client Card , Uganda MOH Family Support Group Register , Uganda MOH Patient HIV Care Card , Uganda MOH ART Register , Uganda MOH HIV Care ART Card 2016