Government enhancement course for health center governance leaders and staff

A training handbook for governance orientation and education for leaders and officials who govern health centres.

Key population data collection tools in Kenya

A reference guide for implementing agencies with tools to capture standardized data on programmes for key populations in the Kenya HIV prevention programme. The tools…

Unique identifier codes

A guide to the use of unique identifier codes (UICs) for key populations receiving HIV services, to ensure that an accurate record is kept of the HIV services each…

HIV cascade toolkit: A user's guide

This user guide shows how to construct, present, interpret and use HIV cascades for the continuum of HIV prevention to care, with available data and minimal technical…

Mauritania Politique Et Strategie De Prise En Charge Des Personnes Avec Le VIH/Sida (2014)
Mali Plan Decennal de Developpement Sanitaire et Social (2014-2023)
The Gambia National Policy Guidelines on HIV and AIDS (2014-2020)
Congo Cadre Strategique National de Lutte Contre le VIH/le Sida et les IST (2014-2015
Burundi - Plan Strategique National de Lutte Contre le Sida (2014-2017)
Republique du Cameroun plan strategique national de lutte contre le VIH, le SIDA et les ist 2014-2017
Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework 2014/15-2018/19

Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework 2014/15-2018/19

Image of Option B+ Implementation: Malawi Experience