Protection, Care, and Support for an AIDS-Free Generation
HIV and Social Protection Guidance Note
Operational Guidance for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (2014)

The right of access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is grounded in fundamental human rights and is a means to empower young people to protect their health…

Integrated Management Guidelines

The IMCI chart booklet is for use by doctors, nurses and other health professionals who see young infants and children less than five years old. It facilitates the…

EMTCT of HIV and Syphilis
Promising Practices & Key Operational Considerations for Community-Facility Linkages in the Scale up of Lifelong ART

Research commissioned by UNICEF through the OHTA Initiative Presented by Laurie Ackerman Gulaid, Consultant

2014 IATT Webinar Series

This presentation…

Lessons Learned for HIV Programming Cover

UNICEF's Lessons Learned for HIV Programming: 2013 Floods in Gaza Province, Mozambique

Despite the high HIV prevalence in gaza Province, HIV was not…

PMTCT & Paediatric HIV/TB  cover

PMTCT & Paediatric HIV/TB Lessons & Results from Using New WHO-UNICEF HIV-Adapted Community Materials


New Frontiers in Early Childhood Development Cover

This document discusses the following: general messages about early childhood development, programming messages, nutrition, protection,  early & lifelong learning…