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Document Download Description Year
Lesotho National Health Strategic Plan (2017-2022) Lesotho National Health Strategic Plan (2017-2022) 2017
For Every Child, End AIDS: Seventh Stocktaking Report For Every Child, End AIDS-Seventh Stocktaking Report-2016.pdf 2016
Cover Indonesia_LOLIPOP-e-poster_2016.PDF

Reaching unreachable population: multi-collaboration framework to improve young key population access towards HIV-related services in demonstration

Report cover All In Progress Report (Dec. 2016)

The purpose of the report is to showcase the significant contributions of many partners to research, innovations, community mobilization, programme

IATT Paediatric ARV Formulary and Limited -Use List cover IATT Paediatric ARV Formulary and Limited-Use List.pdf

Guidelines on HIV Self-Testing and Partner Notification (2016) Guidelines on HIV Self-Testing and Partner Notification (2016) 2016
Report cover Global AIDS Update (2016)

The latest UNAIDS data, covering 160 countries, demonstrate both the enormous gains already made and what can be achieved in the coming years throu

Get on the Fast-Track Report The Life-Cycle Approach to HIV (2016)

In this report, UNAIDS is announcing that 18.2 million people now have access to HIV treatment. The Fast-Track response is working.

By the Numbers AIDS by the Numbers (2016)

Sixteen years of progress since the International AIDS Conference was last held in Durban. Millions of lives saved.

CHAI Simple Tool for ARV Forecasting CHAI Adult 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016) , CHAI Paediatric 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016) , CHAI ARV Forecasting Tool User Manual (2016) , CHAI Adult 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Template) (2016) , CHAI Paediatric 3 Year ARV Forecasting Tool (Blank) (2016)

This helps individuals forecast adult and/or pediatric ARV in treatment programs and manage demand on a clinic level.

Cover Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS (2016)

General Assembly Draft Resolution.

Report cover Botswana Integrated HIV Clinical Care Guidelines (2016)

The information contained within this handbook is a condensed version of the full 2016 HIV Integrated Clinical Care Guidelines and reflects the lat

Three Frees Document Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free Framework (2016)

Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free initiative aims to galvanize global momentum around a shared and ambitious agenda to build on the progress achieve

Image f Consolidated Guidelines on Use of ARV Drugs for Treating & Preventing HIV Infection: Recommendations for a Public Health Approach Consolidated Guidelines: Recommendations for a Public Health Approach (2016)

This document updates the 2013 consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs following an extensive review of evidence and consultatio

ESA Factsheet ESA Fact Sheet (2016) 2016
UNAIDS_On-the-Fast-Track-to-End-AIDS_2016 On the Fast-Track to End AIDS: UNAIDS Strategy 2016-2021 (2016)

The AIDS movement, led by people living with and affected by HIV, continues to inspire the world and offer a model for a people-centred, rights-bas

Image of Uganda PMTCT Tools Uganda MOH Linkages and Referral Form , Uganda MOH HCT Client Card , Uganda MOH Family Support Group Register , Uganda MOH Patient HIV Care Card , Uganda MOH ART Register , Uganda MOH HIV Care ART Card 2016
Standard Operating Procedures on Viral Load Monitoring for ICAP Clinical Staff and Health Care Workers (ICAP, 2016) ICAP Viral Load Monitoring (2016)

This document was created by ICAP’s Clinical and Training Unit with valuable input from our teams in Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya, and Cote d’Ivoir

Children and HIV Fact Sheet Children & HIV Fact Sheet (2016)

Despite this significant progress, the number of children becoming newly infected with HIV remains unacceptably high.

Why ECD Matters Why Early Childhood Development Matters for HIV (2016) 2016