This document contains practical information and specific tools to help organizations and other in-country actors conduct a landscape assessment, the first phase in planning a Total Market Approach (TMA) to increase access to family planning. The main body of this document is intended to be used in tandem with the TMA landscape assessment tools and resources. Designed for TMA planners of all experience levels, and both private and public sectors, this publication shares experiences and lessons learned across a range of organizations. Specific sections of the document address: (1) A description of each step in the landscape assessment process, information on why the step is necessary, what TMA planners should know, and a brief discussion of other key considerations. (2) Key activities to achieve the goals of each step, along with recommended approaches and potential opportunities and challenges. Specific guidance on how to carry out each activity as well as insights gleaned from the experiences shared by FP practitioners who have conducted TMA-related work in a wide variety of country settings. (3) Links to field-tested tools and other resources to help TMA planners perform specific activities. Additional tools and resources are found in the accompanying Planning Guide.

Total market approach to increase access to family planning