Quality Assurance


A strong quality assurance (QA) system is critical for ensuring the accuracy and precision of test results produced through POC diagnostic technologies. QA for POC testing has many components, including internal quality control, external quality assurance, data connectivity, and strong supervision and mentoring.

Improving the Quality of HIV-Related Point of Care Testing: Insuring the Reliability and Accuracy of Test Results is a handbook which provides a framework that promotes and ensures quality assurance for HIV-related point-of-care testing. 

Author(s): WHO and CDC
Year: 2015

Stepwise Process for Improving the Quality of HIV-Related Point of Care Testing (SPI-POCT) Checklist provides guidance on policies and processes for improving the quality of POC testing. It can be used to assess and certify sites prior to testing and throughout testing implementation.

Author: CDC
Year: 2014