Global Guidance on Addressing School-Related Gender-based Violence

The Global Guidance provides key information to governments, policy-makers, teachers, practitioners and civil society who wish to take concrete action against school-related gender-based violence. It introduces approaches, methodologies, tools and resources that have shown positive results in preventing and responding to school-related gender-based violence. The guidance contributes to the generation of knowledge, evidence and standards of response.

SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Children Already in Marriage

The Model Law is intended to trigger policy reforms and development or revision of substantive laws in Member States of SADC. It assists policy makers and legislative drafters to address all the relevant areas in need of legislative reform regarding child marriage, without usurping the authority of national legislatures. It is intended for use by policy makers, legislative drafters, lawmakers, judicial officers, researchers, and administrators.

Building Evidence to Guide PrEP Introduction for Adolescent Girls and Young Women

This guidebook aims to inform health policy makers and program planners how to establish PrEP as an effective prevention method for adolescent girls and young women. This includes addressing the delivery platforms, marketing, regulations, demand, and use of PrEP for this population. The document was initially developed to provide DREAMS country teams with practical guidance on building evidence to guide PrEP introduction for adolescent girls and young women.

Sisters with a Voice- Working with Young Women who Sell Sex: Facilitators’ Activity Pack

This activity pack brings together many activities and ideas from existing material that have been successfully introduced to young people or adult sex workers people, including resources on prevention of HIV, living positively with HIV, and broader concerns related to building life skills, strengthening self-confidence and social networks, and learning to seek and access relevant health and social services.

Site Enrollment Guidance


Site Enrollment Guidance


This guidance provides practical step-by-step guidance on enrolling a POC EID site including pre-installation orientation and planning; installation, training, and start up; and post-installation monitoring and follow-up.

Author: EGPAF

Year: 2016