Globally, over 800,000 adolescents living with HIV are not on life-saving highly efficacious antiretroviral treatment. Many of the adolescents living with HIV today were infected with HIV as infants, and in the next decade, millions of children living with HIV will transition into adolescence. The global HIV response must urgently prioritize and scale up adolescent transition readiness support to support optimal outcomes across the continuum of care.

young girl with orange shirt drapped across her shoulder
All in to #EndAdolescentAIDS (2016)

The ALL IN agenda was introduced to drive social change for better results in adolescents, to improve strategic prioritization and programming for adolescents, and to foster innovation and advocacy to ensure that countries build stronger, more sustainable systems; engage adolescents in the response and provide quality health care. It is a Fast-Track response for adolescents—linked to the Three Frees initiative ('Start Free', 'Stay Free', 'AIDS Free') to accelerate service delivery towards attaining both the 90–90–90 and adolescent specific targets.