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HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change

Introducing HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change, a podcast featuring conversations with changemakers on the frontlines of health service delivery.

This podcast includes an array of compelling and contemporary topics, spanning from mental health and well-being to youth-oriented services, cutting-edge health technologies and advanced diagnostics. We also delve into the realm of innovations accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and their significance in an evolving world with shifting needs.

Hosted by Dr. Shaffiq Essajee (Senior Advisor, HIV and AIDS, UNICEF) and developed with the programme and policy expertise of the UNICEF HIV and AIDS team.


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The views and opinions expressed by the contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of UNICEF or any entities they represent. The content here is for information purposes only.




Episode 1 – Rethinking Mental Health: Health care from the inside out

In this first episode, our conversations focus on mental health programming and practice. Dr. Shaffiq Essajee (UNICEF) speaks to Raj Mariwala (Mariwala Health Initiative) and Peter Badimak Yaro (Basic Needs-Ghana) about how mental health is perceived, the needs and challenges for mental health programmes in their respective regions, and the changes they have seen in the field through their careers. We also discuss and learn about the Friendship Bench, MENA Moves, and Youth Care Clubs. >> Read More


Episode 2 – Apps, Bots, and Chats: Innovations in health tech

In Episode 2, host Dr. Shaffiq Essajee (UNICEF) and studio guest Emily Nicholson (UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office) discuss what makes digital health tools impactful as well as opportunities and considerations for innovations in health technology. They speak to the founder of Talk2U, a product expert from Viamo, service users of the Boost app for community health workers and the manager of Cookie Jar, a digital space facilitating peer support. >> Read More



HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change is presented by the HIV and AIDS Section, Health Programme Group, UNICEF. Beth Garrod produced this series, supported by research and inputs from Rikke Le Kirkegaard, Carthi Mannikarottu, and Bouchra Benghomari. Matt Part served as the sound designer. We are grateful to the speakers and the many supporters within and outside UNICEF, who generously shared their contact lists and feedback for this podcast.

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