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Document Download Description Year
GACA Toolkit cover Global Alliance Communications and Advocacy Toolkit

pregnant mother and spouse holding child Introducing a framework for implementing triple elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and HBV

This 2023 framework from WHO and partners guides operationalization of a person-centred and integrated approach to interventions that country programmes can use to effectively scale-up triple elimination efforts and reach

icasa cover ICASA 2023 Roadmap , Y+ Global Roadmap for Youth Sessions at ICASA , Satellite Session - UNICEF Child Budgeting Series Zimbabwe , Satellite Session: Breakthrough Partnership , Satellite Session: Global Alliance to End AIDS in Children by 2030

The 22nd International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) is taking place in Harare, Zimbabwe on 4-9 December, 2023.

Young woman in front of wall 2023 Global Snapshot on HIV and AIDS: Progress and priorities for children, adolescents and pregnant women , 2023 Regional Snapshot on HIV and AIDS: West and Central Africa , 2023 Regional Snapshot on HIV and AIDS: Eastern and Southern Africa

UNICEF's annual global and regional epidemiological and response snapshots of Eastern and Southern Africa, and West and Central Africa, based on the UNAIDS 2023 HIV estimates.

Pregnant adolescent girl holding medicine Leveraging the Learning: Insights from HIV Programming for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Girls

This brief, the first in UNICEF's new Leveraging the Learning series, sets out to leverage the learnings from holistic, integrated, multisectoral, and age- and gender-responsive approaches to respond to and reduce

Mother holding child Ending AIDS in Children - JIAS Viewpoint on World Children's Day 2023

In this viewpoint Getting back on track to ending AIDS in Children: It could just be easier than you think, published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society on World Children's Day, 20 November 2023, UNI

Covers of the 6 evidence-to-action briefs. Increased Screening for Adolescents at High Risk of Antiretroviral Non-Adherence , Pregnancy and Motherhood among Adolescent Girls Affected by HIV , Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Young People Affected by HIV , New Evidence and Programming Implications for Adolescent Pathways in HIV Care in Sub-Saharan Africa , Mental Health and Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence among Adolescents Living with HIV  , New Evidence on the Impact of Violence on ART Adherence amongst Adolescents Living with HIV

With support from the Joint UN 2gether 4SRHR programme, a research partnership with the University of Oxford and University of Cape Town was established with the aim to improve HIV, SRH, and the overall well-being of adole

Cover of synthesis report UNICEF-Synthesis-of-Evidence-to-Action-2023.pdf

This synthesis report reflects a comprehensive review of the body of research undertaken through the Evidence-to-Action partnership.

    Adolescent girl laughing on cover page

    This second edition of AA-HA! guidance to support country implementation builds on the first edition published in 2017.

    young HIV advocates at Y+ ESARO Story: Young Advocates Stand Up to Stigma Article from the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office highlighting young HIV advocates addressing stigma and misinformation. 2023
    VLS Treands 2023 Study (PDF, 8MB) , 2021 Study (PDF, 2MB) , 2021 Advocacy Brief (PDF, 561KB)

    In 2022 an estimated 930,000 children (aged 0-14 years) were living with HIV in Eastern and Southern Africa. Nearly one-third of these children were not receiving lifesaving treatment.

    Cover page: Global Annual Results Report 2022 UNICEF - 2022 Global Annual Results Report: Goal Area 1 The 2022 Global Annual Results Report: Goal Area 1 presents results on UNICEF's HIV and AIDS programme as well as its interconnected mandates on health, nutrition, and early childhood development. 2023
    pALD cover pALD introduction and rollout planning

    Dolutegravir (DTG)-based HIV treatment regimens are recommended by the World Health Organization for children living with HIV (CLHIV) who weigh at least 3 kg.

    LGBTQI+ Youth in Brazil Speak Up cover LGBTQI+ Youth in Brazil Speak Up.pdf

    On this International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) 2023, we unveil the UNICEF Spotlight Report on the Youth Aware initiative in Brazil.

    Mother holding child TGA AU summit brochure_v3.pdf

    The AU Summit Brochure was created after the inaugural countries leading the Global Alliance to end AIDS in Children met together with community representatives, UN agencies, stakeholders and partners gathered in Dar es Sa

    World AIDS Day 2022 Report cover 2022 WAD Key Messages and Call to Action , 2022 World AIDS Day Report

    UNICEF's 2022 World AIDS Day report provides global and regional statistical updates on children, adolescents and pregnant women.

    The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health: The National Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Advocacy Strategy And Road Map 2022-2026 THE NATIONAL PEDIATRIC AND ADOLESCENT HIV ADVOCACY STRATEGY AND ROAD MAP-3.pdf

    The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health has released its National Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Advocacy Strategy And Road Map 2022-2026, disseminated in Kampala during October 2022. 

    cover of Ending Inequalities Ending Inequalities - Getting on Track to End AIDS by 2030

    A summary of the commitments and targets within the United Nations General Assembly’s 2021 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS

    cover of global alliance brochureconcept note french Une initiative strategique mondiale pour mettre fin au sida chez les enfants d'ici 2030

    Mettre fin au sida chez les enfants, grâce à une alliance forte, stratégique et orientée vers l’action de parties prenantes multisectorielles aux niveaux national, régional et mondial qui travaille avec des femmes, des enf

    THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE TO END AIDS IN CHILDREN framework cover Global Alliance to End AIDS In Children Draft Operational Framework , Une initiative strategique mondiale pour mettre fin au sida chez les enfants d'ici 2020

    An end to AIDS in children, achieved through a strong, strategic, and action-oriented alliance of multisectoral stakeholders at national, regional, and global levels that works with women children and adolescents living wi