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Document Download Description Year
Summary of 2020 (Q1 & Q2) Joint UCPoC Communications Activities.pdf , Summary of 2019 Joint UCPoC Communications Activities.pdf , Strategic Framework_En.pdf , Strategic Framework_Fr.pdf , Advocates-Brief_En.pdf




AIDS 2020 conference report - summary of selected sessions FINAL.pdf 2020
new evidence cover New Evidence and Programming Implications for Adolescent Pathways in HIV Care in Sub-Saharan Africa 2020.pdf

Adolescents have the lowest rates of retention in HIV care and ART adherence when compared to other age groups.

global snapshot cover Global snapshot: Children, HIV and AIDS (2019) , Sub-Saharan Africa snapshot: Children, HIV and AIDS (2019) , Eastern and Southern Africa snapshot: Children, HIV and AIDS (2019) , West and Central Africa snapshot: Children, HIV and AIDS

Global and regional epidemiological and response snapshots based on the UNAIDS 2019 HIV estimates.

cover of covid compendium UNICEF’s HIV Programming in the Context of COVID-19

Recognizing the harmful impact that COVID-19 and related lockdown measures pose for the HIV response, governments across ESA region are implementing interventions to sustain hard won gains toward e

Adolescent girl jumping AGYW catalogue of available documents (spreadsheet) , AGYW repository navigation (slides)

AIDS 2020 UNICEF Spokespersons conference AIDS 2020 UNICEF Spokespersons.pdf

23rd International AIDS Conference 6 – 10 July 2020
Available UNICEF Spokespersons

Save the date cover UNICEF Satellite - Business unusual: Catalytic innovations to accelerate HIV results 2020
Strengthening Paediatric TB and HIV cover Lessons from the field - TB HIV iCCM

Community and primary health facility platforms have been recognized as important, but under-utilized entry points to address the large prevention, case detection and treatment gaps faced by young

Roadmap image AIDS 2020 Roadmap , HIV 2020 full programme Jul-Oct 2020.pdf

The full programme of the alternative community-led HIV 2020 conference with events from July to October, 2020 is also available for download.

Case study screenshot: Integration of HIV into humanitarian response Integration of HIV into Cyclone Idai response in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

This multi-country case study from the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office highlights important HIV-specific interventions that were integrated into the emergency cyclone response in

Improving HIV Service Delivery for Infants Children and Adolescents cover Brief: Improving HIV Service Delivery for Infants Children and Adolescents

In June 2019, UNICEF convened a group of about 40 global experts from 24 organizations and institutions to advance the collective thinking on paediatric HIV service delivery.

Emtct cover Global guidance on criteria and processes for validation of EMTCT.pdf

In developing this revised document, WHO and the GVAC considered the input of national
programmes, regional validation teams and committees, and experts in the areas of programme,

Adolescent-friendly health services for adolescents living with HIV: from theory to practice Adolescent-friendly health services for adolescents living with HIV: from theory to practice

This publication primarily seeks to define and clarify the key elements of adolescent-friendly health services to help ensure that adolescents living with HIV receive appropriate and effective trea

Q3-Research Summary Q3 2019 Newsletter - Research Summary

Download a selection of abstracts related to children, HIV and AIDS published in peer-reviewed journals between July and October 2019.

ICASA 2019 roadmap ICASA 2019 Roadmap: 'Three Frees' sessions


improving service delivery Guidance: Improving HIV Service Delivery for Infants, Children and Adolescents. A framework for country programming (July 2020) , Guidance - print version: Paediatric HIV Service Delivery Framework (July 2020) , Brief: Improving Paediatric Service Delivery , Worksheet: Assessing the situation

UNICEF HIV Investment cases briefs For every child, end AIDS: An investment opportunity for the private sector , Eliminate MTCT of HIV: An investment opportunity for the private sector , Prevent HIV in adolescents: An investment opportunity for the private sector , Close the HIV treatment gap for children: An investment opportunity for the private sector


The four investment cases above highlight opportunities for the private sector to engage in the global HIV response for infants, children and adolescents in partnership with UNICEF.

Last mile cover Brief: Going the 'last mile' to EMTCT (Dec 2019) , Presentation: What will it take to achieve the EMTCT goals for children in Africa? (ICASA 2019) , Programme guidance (English): Going the 'last mile' to EMTCT - A road map for ending the HIV epidemic in children (May 2020) , French version: Dernière ligne droite vers l’ETME: feuille de route pour l’éradication de l’épidémie de VIH chez les enfants

The 'Last Mile' road map draws on the latest scientific research and programmatic evidence to describe and recommend strategies to achieve the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (EM

PATA cover Live Webinars Invite for PATA Summit 2019