Episode 3 – A Youth Takeover! Healthcare designed for the next generation

Have you seen our host? Stephanie Ndlovu – actress and health advocate from South Africa – takes over this episode of HIV Reimagined to discuss all things youth. She is joined in the studio by young leaders from around the world: Nicholas Kee, Miriam El-Mahdi, Viet Minh Trinh, Mutua Ndereva. They discuss the pitfalls and opportunities of health technology, challenges faced by young people from marginalised communities, the impact of COVID-19, and much more. What should health care designed for young people by young people look like?

This episode features:

  • Jay Shapiro and Arnold Mwanjila from Usiku Games
  • Nelma Passe from VSO International
  • Vuyokazi Vuyolissa from MTV Shuga

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