The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition developed the Key Population Activist Toolkit on PrEP, to equip community activists with the knowledge and skills they need to demand pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Community-led demand efforts can influence the success of PrEP programming, including influencing how accessible PrEP services are to the community, whether people actually choose to take PrEP, and whether these services are being offered in a way that is suited to the needs of PrEP users.

The Toolkit aims to:

  • Equip community activists with the knowledge and skills that they need around PrEP, advocacy, and community mobilization so that they are able to mobilize their communities to demand PrEP
  • To enable community PrEP activists to advocate with their governments and service providers to allow key populations access to PrEP services
  • To ensure that these services are provided in a manner that is affordable, appropriate to their needs, and addresses access barriers.

The toolkit is intended for individuals, organizations and networks – particularly those representing key populations – wanting to:

  • Learn more about PrEP
  • Contribute to preventing the spread of HIV in their communities
  • Gain the knowledge and skills that they need to mobilize their communities and advocate with community leaders and decision makers for access to PrEP