This IATT webinar co-hosted by UNAIDS, WHO, and UNICEF took place on June 7. Mary Mahy, Division Chief of Strategic Information at UNAIDS in Geneva, and Martina Penazzato, Pediatric HIV Advisor at the World Health Organization in Geneva presented and the webinar was moderated by Jessica Rodrigues, UNICEF. 

A total of 88 participants from DRC, Senegal, Switzerland, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and many other countries attended the webinar to learn about changes made to the Spectrum model and the 2015 paediatric HIV estimates. These data are the model inputs that generate the estimates used to measure performance against globally recognized indicators related to the elimination of Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV (EMTCT) and paediatric HIV. The changes made to the model were driven by new evidence that improves the outputs.

A detailed description of the Methods for Deriving UNAIDS Estimates can be found here. The presentations for this webinar are listed below.

Presented on June 7, 2016