HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change

Launching on 5 September 2023

The UNICEF HIV and AIDS team is proud to introduce HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change, a new podcast featuring conversations with inspirational changemakers on the frontlines of health service delivery.


On 5 September 2023, all five episodes of Season 1 will be live on popular podcast platforms. The UNICEF HIV and AIDS team – through X (Twitter) and the Children and AIDS website – will be promoting the podcast and spotlighting Episode 1 throughout the week of 5–8 September. A subsequent episode will be highlighted every two weeks.

We invite you to join our social media campaign and help us amplify our messages throughout the week of 5–8 September!

We wholeheartedly thank you for your valuable support in reaching a wide-ranging audience, encompassing implementers, program planners, policymakers, and others interested in health innovations.


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Introducing a new podcast from @unicef_aids!

🎙️ HIV Reimagined: Conversations for Change

#HIVReimagined brings you perspectives across the globe of innovators doing things differently across a whole range of health services.

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The #COVID19 pandemic has dramatically altered the landscape of global health.

The #HIVReimagined podcast from @unicef_aids dives deep into innovative practices in health service delivery across the world. Some were kickstarted by the pandemic and have now become standard practice. Others were in the works for years but found renewed momentum.

📻 What has innovation looked like for #mentalhealth, HIV and broader diagnostics, telemedicine and treatment access, and health services for young people?

Hear conversations for change on this new #UNICEFHIVpodcast!

Listen Now: A new podcast from @unicef_aids! 

#HIVReimagined: Conversations for Change looks at innovations from across the health care landscape that have improved the way people receive life-saving testing, treatment, and care.

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We are proud to have contributed to a new @unicef_aids podcast series launching today!

🎙️ #HIVReimagined: Conversations for Change features stories from across the world with changemakers on the frontlines of health service delivery and service users discussing the innovations that matter most.

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🌍 The first episode of the #HIVReimagined Podcast discusses innovative ideas that have improved #mentalhealth services.

What does #mentalhealth mean in different contexts? What considerations do services for marginalized groups need? How is the service delivery landscape changing for mental health needs?

🤝 In this episode, speakers from Asia, MENA, and Sub-Saharan Africa highlight distinct community-led approaches and interventions that have been adapted for the communities they serve.



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“We need to look at the social norms that go into the #mentalhealth curricula [and how that is] trickling down to services,” reminds studio guest Raj Mariwala of @mariwalahealth in Episode 1 of the @unicef_aids HIV Reimagined Podcast.

Services, especially for marginalized groups, should be developed with an intersectional approach to best understand mental health needs in a community.

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“There is now a recognition that a lot more needs to be done,” notes Peter Yaro of @BasicNeedsGh, speaking to the positive changes he has seen in his twenty years as a public #mentalhealth specialist.

The stronger commitments to mental health policies and planning are driven by citizen activities, persons with lived experience, #civilsociety, and mental health professionals rallying together.

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Now in 6 countries and counting, @FriendshipBench has been training and empowering people in the community to deliver #mentalhealth support in safe spaces… like under trees.

Episode 1 of the @unicef_aids #HIVReimagined Podcast spotlights this community-driven initiative and more.

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The MENA Moves project through @FHI360 connects people affected by HIV in Middle East and North Africa with trauma-informed #mentalhealth services in accessible virtual settings.

Hear a service user discuss how the program helped them go from having to hide their identity in their first interaction with a mental health specialist to finding a safe space in therapy.

More on Episode 1 of the new @UNICEF podcast, #HIVReimagined: Conversations for Change.




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The evidence shows that peer support is an important intervention for adolescents affected by HIV. How does peer support work in practice? What youth-centered models are leaving a mark?

On episode 1 of #HIVReimagined, hear more about @AnovaHealthSA’s Youth Care Clubs in South Africa. Their work has reduced wait times, eliminated stigma, and created a safe space for adolescents seeking care. The Youth Care Clubs provide a one stop-shop for young people to access services for both their physical and mental health.

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