Clinic-Community Collaboration Toolkit: Working together to improve PMTCT and paediatric HIV treatment, care and support.

PATA and PACF have worked across 9 countries and strengthened 36 community-clinic collaborations through their partnership on the three-year C3 programme on collaboration between Clinics and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) to deliver services together for improved PMTCT-paediatric case finding and HIV treatment.

Together, PATA and PACF have identified how clinical-CBOs collaboration at a local level can be in transforming health responses. They developed a Clinic-Community Collaboration Toolkit and accompanying Be Connected e-learning course informed by the C3 programme’s successes and lessons learnt.

Through these new tools, they hope to continue empowering health providers as well as encouraging community-based staff and local coordinators to initiate, expand and improve upon joint activities and action plans, in a collaborative effort to strengthen their work on paediatric and adolescent HIV.