Global Annual Results Report 2022: Goal Area 1


UNICEF continues to play a critical role in driving progress toward the end of HIV and AIDS among children, adolescents and pregnant women. In 2022, together with partners across sectors, UNICEF advanced the quality and scope of programming for HIV prevention, treatment and care while mitigating the impact of challenges – such as COVID-19 – to the availability of and access to HIV services. 

UNICEF’s HIV programme is guided by the UNICEF Strategic Plan for 2022–2025. The 2022 Global Annual Results Report for Goal Area 1 presents results in fast-tracking the end of HIV and AIDS as well as the results for interconnected programmes in health, nutrition, and early childhood development.


See an excerpt focused on HIV in the following viewer and download the full 2022 Global Annual Results Report: Goal Area 1 document below.



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2022 World AIDS Day

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