2022 World AIDS Day

UNICEF's 2022 World AIDS Day report provides global and regional statistical updates on children, adolescents and pregnant women. It provides seven calls to action to equalize progress for children, adolescents and pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV and summarizes trends, gaps and successes in the global HIV response.

Flip through the 2022 World AIDS Day Breakthrough Partnership Spotlight Report, which highlights the Breakthrough Partnership in Uganda to support children and adolescents living with and at risk of HIV, unveiling powerful stories from the field from partners and youth champions.

The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health: The National Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Advocacy Strategy And Road Map 2022-2026

The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health has released its National Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Advocacy Strategy And Road Map 2022-2026, disseminated in Kampala during October 2022. 

The overall objective of this strategy is to complement and catalyze the ongoing national programs targeted at improving pediatric and adolescents HIV outcomes by addressing the policy and resource allocation gaps. This will be through putting in place a uniform and harmonized technical approach to advocacy across the national response stakeholders. The strategy provides standardized practical approaches to guide stakeholders in planning, designing, implementing and evaluating advocacy initiatives in support of pediatric and adolescents HIV. The strategy will institute systems to keep truck of ongoing and new advocacy initiatives to ensure they are aligned to the advocacy issues highlighted in the strategy for continuous process quality improvement and mitigate risks associated with uncoordinated advocacy initiatives. 

Une initiative strategique mondiale pour mettre fin au sida chez les enfants d'ici 2020

Mettre fin au sida chez les enfants, grâce à une alliance forte, stratégique et orientée vers l’action de parties prenantes multisectorielles aux niveaux national, régional et mondial qui travaille avec des femmes, des enfants et des adolescents vivant avec le VIH, des gouvernements nationaux et des partenaires pour mobiliser le leadership, le financement et l’action afin d’en finir avec le sida chez les enfants d’ici 2030.

The Global Alliance to end AIDS in Children Framework

An end to AIDS in children, achieved through a strong, strategic, and action-oriented alliance of multisectoral stakeholders at national, regional, and global levels that works with women children and adolescents living with HIV, national governments, and partners to mobilize leadership, funding, and action to end AIDS in children by 2030.