Technical Brief on Paediatric HIV Case-Finding: Beyond Infant Testing

Despite global progress in HIV treatment for children, the gap between adult and paediatric treatment coverage continues to widen. This gap is driven primarily by barriers to HIV diagnosis in children, but in the past decade those barriers have shifted.

Scaling-up HIV case-finding efforts for children presents several challenges, including limited access to testing services, lack of provider preparedness to offer testing to children, stigma and discrimination, policy barriers related to age of consent, and inadequate health systems. The aim of this technical brief is to offer countries a guide to address these challenges and enhance HIV case-finding for children to improve testing coverage for children at risk for HIV. This technical brief focuses primarily on how programmes can identify those children who may have missed out on EID testing, who were never tested after breastfeeding or whose mothers were not enrolled in care.

HIV-sensitive Social Protection - ESAR Report (2018)

HIV-sensitive Social Protection: With focus on creating linkages between social cash transfer programmes and HIV services describes an intervention aiming to strengthen the linkages between HIV services and national social protection programmes and provides lessons learned from implementing the intervention in four countries. The focus of the programme is on families with children and adolescents, vulnerable to, or affected by HIV and AIDS. The programme, funded by the Government of the Netherlands, is now being implemented in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe in close collaboration with national, provincial and district level governments.

Lessons Learned for HIV Programming: Mozambique

UNICEF's Lessons Learned for HIV Programming: 2013 Floods in Gaza Province, Mozambique

Despite the high HIV prevalence in gaza Province, HIV was not accounted for in the initial emergency response and assessments. This oversight affected treatment continuity and other services for PLHIV. Continued access to HIV treatment and services is critical to preventing new infections and drug resistance.

Mozambique Tratamento Antiretroviral

Em Moçambique, a pandemia do HIV/SIDA é assumida como um dos desafios de âmbito multissectorial. No que concerne ao Serviço Nacional de Saúde, múltiplas acções integradas têm sido implementadas nos últimos anos pelo Ministério da Saúde (MISAU) com vista a alargar as medidas de prevenção, diagnóstico e o início atempado dos cuidados e tratamento, sendo que em 2013 foi implementado o Plano de Aceleração de Resposta ao HIV e SIDA, que contempla nos seus objectivos a expansão dos Serviços TARV e a melhoria da qualidade assistencial.