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Document Download Description Year
Image of Increasing access to contraception for clients with HIV toolkit Increasing access to contraception for clients with HIV toolkit 2011
 Burkina Faso - Plan National de Developpement Sanitaire (2011-2020) Burkina Faso National Health Strategy (2011-2020) - Fr 2011
Senegal Plan Strategique National Sur le Sida (2011-2015) Senegal NSP for AIDS (2011-2015) - Fr 2011
Guinée-Bissau Plano Estratégico Nacional de Luta Contra VIH/Sida (2007-2011) Guinea-Bissau NSP for HIV/AIDS (2007-2011) - Pt 2011
Image of Fifth Stocktaking Report C&A Fifth Stocktaking Report English , C&A Fifth Stocktaking Report Spanish , C&A Fifth Stocktaking Report French

This Children and AIDS: Fifth Stocktaking Report examines current data, trends and the progress that’s been made − pointing out disparities in access, coverage and outcomes − and calls for concrete actions to bene

Social Protection Programmes Contribute to HIV Prevention cover HIV - Sensitive Social Protection: What does the evidence say?

This paper reviews the 2010 state of the evidence on the contribution of social protection to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, as well as protection of key populations at higher risk of infection.

Botswana National Strategic Framework 2010 - 2016 Botswana National Strategic Framework, 2010 - 2016 2010
Image of Fourth Stocktaking Report C&A Fourth Stocktaking Report English

This Fourth Stocktaking Report highlights progress made and challenges that remain in scaling up services for women, children and young people affected by the epidemic, and it calls for concerted action and contin

Mauritius National Sexual & Reproductive Health Strategy and Plan of Action (2009-2015) Mauritius NSP for Sexual and Reproductive Health (2009-2015) National Sexual and reproductive health strategy and plan of action, 2009 - 2015. 2009
Image of Third Stocktaking Report C&A Third Stocktaking Report English , C&A Third Stocktaking Report Spanish

This Third Stocktaking Report examines data on progress, emerging evidence, and current knowledge and practice for children as they relate to four programme areas, and it calls for several focused, concrete, achie

Image of Basics Paediatric HIV Toolkit BASICS Paediatric HIV Toolkit

BASICS (Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival) is a global project to assist developing countries in reducing infant and child mortality through the implementation of proven health interventions.

Image of Second Stocktaking Report C&A Second Stocktaking Report English , C&A Second Stocktaking Report Spanish , C&A Second Stocktaking Report French

This report reviews advances made over the past year or so in four areas where HIV and AIDS affect children.

Niger Cadre Stratégique National de Lutte Contre les IST/VIH/SIDA (2008-2012) Niger NSP for HIV and AIDS (2008-2012) - French

La Coordination Intersectorielle de Lutte contre les IST/VIH/SIDA remercie chaleureusement l’ensemble des acteurs et structures qui ont participé à l’élaboration du Cadre Stratégique National 2008-2012 pour la disponibilit

Image of Brochure for Breastfeeding your baby How to breastfeed your baby , Nutrition during pregnancy & breastfeeding , How to hand express breastmilk , How to feed a baby after 6 months A series of brochures for mothers and care givers about breastfeeding infants. 2007
Image of First Stocktaking Report C&A First Stocktaking Report - English , C&A First Stocktaking Report - Spanish , C&A First Stocktaking Report - French

This report assesses some of the most important actions and changes for children affected by AIDS that occurred in the first year of the global campaign Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS.

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The COVID-19 and HIV Digest compiles news, updates, knowledge and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic of interest to those working on HIV, health and well-being among children, adolescents and pregnant wome

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