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HIV couple portrait HIV Couples Testing in Rwanda , Placeholder

An opportunity to reshape gender norms on sexual and reproductive health in Rwanda: Learning from a pilot project on male partner self-testing for HIV.

Measurement of mother-to-child transmission cover Early and late measurement of MTCT (technical brief)

This document outlines the fundamentals of PMTCT impact determination and provides considerations for development of pragmatic, streamlined and resource-efficient systems for MTCT estimate generation in high burden setting

EMTCT orange book cover Global guidance on criteria and processes for validation of EMTCT

The global community has committed to eliminating mother-to-child transmission (EMTCT), also known as vertical transmission, of HIV and syphilis as a public health priority.

Boy wearing mask Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free: Final report on 2020 targets

In the global quest to end the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat by 2030, meeting the HIV-related needs of children, adolescents and pregnant and breastfeeding women represents a critical piece of unfinished business

Mother with child Health Results 2020: HIV and AIDS (flyer) , Global Annual Results Report 2020 Goal Area 1 (report)

This flyer provides a quick overview of UNICEF's results within HIV and AIDS in 2020.

Accelerating Access to Innovative Point-of-Care HIV Diagnostics cover Accelerating Access to Innovative Point-of-Care HIV Diagnostics , Accelerating Access to Innovative Point-of-Care HIV Diagnostics - French

This document was developed to compile knowledge, insights and recommendations from UNICEF focal points in country offices implementing a project aimed at introducing, scaling up, and integrating point-of-care (POC) diagno

ped report cover HIV Pediatrics 2020 Workshop Report

The International Workshop on HIV & Pediatrics 2020 took place virtually on 16-17 November.

Adolescent mother with child UNICEF-ESA-Young-Mothers-HIV-Report-2020.pdf

Adolescent and young mothers are a priority population for UNICEF in Eastern and Southern Africa, including those who are affected by HIV.

nurturing care framework publication Nurturing care for children affected by HIV

In the early years, we lay down critical elements for health, well-being and productivity, which last throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

last mile cover Going the 'last mile' to EMTCT , What will it take to achieve the EMTCT goals for children in Africa? , A road map for ending the HIV epidemic in children , Feuille de route pour l’éradication de l’épidémie de VIH chez les enfants

The 'Last Mile' road map draws on the latest scientific research and programmatic evidence to describe and recommend strategies to achieve the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (EMTCT).

Q3-Research Summary Q3 2019 Newsletter - Research Summary

Download a selection of abstracts related to children, HIV and AIDS published in peer-reviewed journals between July and October 2019.

global snapshot cover Global snapshot , Sub-Saharan Africa snapshot , Eastern and Southern Africa snapshot , West and Central Africa snapshot

Global and regional epidemiological and response snapshots based on the UNAIDS 2019 HIV estimates.

UNICEF HIV Investment cases briefs For every child, end AIDS: A private sector investment opportunity , Eliminate MTCT of HIV: A private sector investment opportunity , Prevent HIV in adolescents: A investment opportunity , Close the HIV treatment gap for children: A private sector investment opportunity

The four investment cases above highlight opportunities for the private sector to engage in the global HIV response for infants, children and adolescents in partnership with UNICEF.

research on children and HIV published in Q2 of 2019 Research Summary - Q2 2019 Newsletter

The Learning Collaborative draws on scientific research published in the second quarter of 2019 to bring

Research Summary - Q1 2019 Newsletter Research Summary - Q1 2019 Newsletter 2019
Evidence-based practices for retention in care of mother-infant pairs in the context of eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Eastern and Southern Africa EBP for retention in care for EMTCT in Eastern and Southern Africa

This document outlines evidence-based practices for retention in care of mother-infant pairs in the context of elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (EMTCT) in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Global Breastfeeding Collective: Advocacy Brief on Breastfeeding and HIV Advocacy Brief on Breastfeeding and HIV

Led by UNICEF and WHO, the Global Breastfeeding Collective is a partnership of more than 20 prominent international agencies calling on donors, policymakers, philanthropists and civil society to increase investment in brea

Dakar Call: Renewed Commitment Dakar Call: Renewed Commitment , Appel de Dakar: Renouvellement d'Engagement , Apelo de Dakar: Renovação de Compromisso

At a high-level meeting in Dakar, Senegal in January 2019, UNAIDS, UNICEF and WHO urged countries in Western and Central Africa to strengthen their commitments towards EMTCT and universal coverage for paediatric testing an

The Latest Science in HIV and AIDS - Q4 2018 Research Summary_Q4-2018-Newsletter.pdf 2018
research summary Summary of Research Articles - Q3 2018 2018